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Fall 2018

What is Pinned?

Pinned is the place to connect with the unfiltered world around you. Check out what people are saying and the cool events that are going on around campus.

Not sure what darties are poppin’ today? Check Pinned for a list of events around you and even see how many others are going.

Need advice on a topic but unsure who to ask? Post anonymously and have your community answer within the day, or simply switch over to direct messaging for a more private interaction.

It’s #MidtermSZN and nothing’s happening? Explore anywhere else in the world and see what other communities are up to via the Map.

Pinned allows you to see the best parts of the world around you.

Hyperlocal Content

See and post whats happening around you in real time and become more connected with your surroundings.


Share your unfiltered thoughts with the world - only four digits of your phone number will be displayed with posts.


You can now create your own events! If they generate enough interest, they'll be advertised in the surrounding area.


Message other pinners, anonymously, to talk privately about anything you want!